Results Tournaments September 15th, 2019

Thunderstruck 2019 Results and Standings Updated!

TENKAICHI: Thunderstruck 2019 Results

Thunderstruck 2019, a Tenkaichi event held from September 14th through 15th in Monterrey, Mexico, has concluded and ECHO FOX|Dekillsage from the USA has taken 1st place! Congratulations to Dekillsage for the tremendous victory! EG|NYChrisG took 2nd place and Kuba took 3rd place, with both players also being from the USA. We’ve also updated the points and standings for the Thunderstruck 2019 results!

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Here are the top 8 results for Thunderstruck 2019!

TENKAICHI: Thunderstruck 2019 Top 8 Results

Placement Player Characters Points
1st FOX|Dekillsage Gohan (Teen), Broly, Goku 200
2nd EG|NYChrisG Frieza, Goku (GT), Yamcha 150
3rd Kuba Hit, Bardock, Trunks 100
4th Supernoon Bardock, Kid Buu, Goku (GT) 70
5th SubatomicSabers Vegito, Cell, Gotenks 45
5th BC|Apologyman Piccolo, Tien, Goku 45
7th BC|LordKnight Bardock, Goku (GT), Goku 25
7th NRG|HookGangGod Bardock, Piccolo, Vegeta 25

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