News January 26th, 2020

The Draw is done! Prepare for the World Tour Finals!

After an entire season full of intense storylines, dominating play and breakout talent, the 2019 Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour is gearing up for a truly Dramatic Finish at the Red Bull Finals in Paris, France!

A season’s worth of explosive Tenkaichi and Saga Events has lead to a final showdown — but before the top 16 competitors can be decided, a Last-Chance Qualifier will determine the single remaining player who will enter the fray and test their might against the best of the best.

A select 256 players will face off in 16 pools ahead of the long-awaited Finals, whittling down to a Top 16. The LCQ Top 8 will take place on Sunday, February 9.

Of course, this isn’t your regular World Tour Finals: the Red Bull Finals will feature a Round Robin with four separate pools, the players of which were drawn by favorite commentators Damascus and Tyrant, as well as special guest RMZ, during a special Finals stream on February 24.

The players’ names were placed in four boxes based upon their standing in the Global Rankings, with one fighter from each box being placed into a single pool before moving on to the next group. No players from a single hat will be able to fight in the same initial Round Robin pool.

For this Round Robin, the first two players of each Pool will go to TOP 8 Grand finals. However, if a three-way tie should occur, the stakes will transform into a sudden-death, first-to-one Round Robin tournament.

The Round Robin pools are as follows:

With Go1 taking the majority of Events on the World Tour this season, and both Sonic Fox and Fenritti close behind, there’s no telling how the Red Bull Finals will end. Will Go1 retain his crown as DBFZ king and take the Championship? Will Sonic Fox surpass their rival and obtain the ultimate title of champ? Or will Fenritti upset the table in a major way and take the victory for himself?

The Dragon Ball FighterZ Red Bull World Tour Finals will take place in Paris, France’s Pavillon Baltard concert hall from February 8 – 9. Fans can get in on the action and purchase spectator tickets via Eventbrite, while those hoping to take part in the Last-Chance Qualifier can register at

Mark your calendars and gather your Dragon Balls — this is one throwdown you don’t want to miss!