Results December 25th, 2018

Kazunoko secures three in a row at the final Saga Event of the year!

Kazunoko is starting to look unstoppable as he recently managed to secure his 4th Dragon Ball and 3rd Dragon Ball FighterZ Saga win in a row! CouchWarriors Crossup, hosted in Victoria, Australia, was home to the 7th and final Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Saga Event of the year over the weekend, and all eyes are now on who can take down Kazunoko in the finals at the end of the year. Our runner up this time, Tachikawa, will also be granted a flight to the finals in order to participate in a Last Chance Qualifier.

This also means our Last Chance Qualifier tournaments jump up to 4 in number to bring the finals to 8 players! Congratulations to Kazunoko on claiming the 7th Dragon Ball and we look forward to seeing more from Tachikawa in the Last Chance Qualifier taking place at the Red Bull Final Summoning!

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Australia Saga 7 Results

Placement Fighter Characters
1. GGP|Kazunoko Gotenks, Adult Gohan, Yamcha
2. DNG|Tachikawa Android 18/Hit/Frieza
3. PG|Nakkiel Gotenks/Adult Gohan/Yamcha
4. Kindevu Gotenks/Android 16/Bardock
5. NRG|Supernoon Kid Buu/Cell/Super Saiyan Vegeta, Kid Buu/Cell/Bardock
5. bc|Apologyman Piccolo/Tien/Super Saiyan Goku
7. bc|Lord Knight Piccolo/Captain Ginyu/Super Saiyan Goku
7. Seo Gotenks/Bardock/Yamcha