Results October 15th, 2018

HookGangGod claims the 4th Dragon Ball at Thunderstruck 2018!

The 4th Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Saga Event, Thunderstruck 2018, in Monterrey, Nuevo Léon, Mexico is under wraps and we’d like to congratulate HookGangGod for his first saga win!

On his path to claim the 4th Dragon Ball, HookGangGod took down Supernoon, ApologyMan, Dekillsage and Minicatz. With this victory, HookGangGod guarantees his chance to show off his terrifying team at the Dragon Ball FigtherZ Finals.

Thunderstruck 2018 Top 16 Results:

Placement Fighter Characters
1. NRG|HookGangGod Cell, Piccolo, Vegeta
2. NRG|Supernoon Kid Buu, Cell, Bardock | Kid Buu, Cell, Vegeta
3. BC|ApologyMan Piccolo, Tien, Goku
4. FOX|Dekillage Adult Gohan, Tien, Android 16 | Adult Gohan, Tien, Gotenks
5. EG|NYChrisG Teen Gohan, Tien, Trunks | Android 17, Tien, Trunks
5. Jinx Android 21, Bardock, Vegeta
7. VegasKOF|Koopa Cell, Bardock, Vegeta | Bardock, Android 16, Vegeta
7. Gish Blue Goku, Piccolo, Android 16
9. PAK|Minicatz Cell, Kid Buu, Trunks
9. BN4PDC|Yahel Bardock, Android 16, Vegeta
9. MikeSaftig Android 18, Vegeta, Goku
9. DS|Khannibal Hit, Captain Ginyu, Vegeta
13. Crono Adult Gohan, Vegeta, Android 18 | Cooler, Bardock, Vegeta
13. BC|LordKnight Captain Ginyu, Gotenks, Android 16
13. Strike|VK Wakka Tien, Piccolo, Nappa
13. RG|TA Wolf Android 16, Goku Black, Vegito