Results September 4th, 2018

Go1 wins the third Saga Event: Ultimate Fighting Arena!

Epic Resets. Epic Combos. Perfects and Dragons. Ultimate Fighting Arena 2018 was host to the third Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Saga event this past weekend in France, and it’s conclusion could not have ended more spectacularly for Go1. Claiming the coveted third Dragon Ball with a perfect final game, Go1 reigned supreme in stylish fashion after the pressure of a terrifying 3-0 bracket reset and assures the world that we will see him fighting for the championship.

Go1 takes home $2,500, the 3-star Dragon Ball, and a guaranteed spot in the World Tour Finals!

Ultimate Fighting Arena 2018 Top 16 Results:

Placement Fighter Characters
1. CO|Go1 Cell, Bardock, Vegeta | Captain Ginyu, Bardock, Vegeta
2. NRG|HookGangGod Cell, Piccolo, Vegeta | Piccolo, Android 16, Vegeta
3. Ponos|Garireo Bardock, Goku Black, Android 16
4. BC|ApologyMan Piccolo, Tien, Goku
5. PG|Nakkiel Gotenks, Adult Gohan, Base Goku
5. Oplon|Skyll Base Vegeta, Android 16, Goku
7. GGWP|Souji Captain Ginyu, Android 16, Goku | Kid Buu, Cell, Goku
7. R-Cade|Alioune Android 21, Majin Buu, Vegeta
9. NidhoGG|Wawa Adult Gohan, Base Goku, Goku
9. Shanks Android 18, Adult Gohan, Goku
9. YV|Aixy Android 18, Vegeta, Goku
9. NidhoGG|Eifi Android 21, Android 18, Goku Black
13. UYU|Cloud805 Adult Gohan, Base Goku, Kid Buu
13. DO|Zer0q Cell, Blue Vegeta, Gotenks | Cell, Bardock, Gotenks
13. A Foxy Grampa Krillin, Tien, Goku
13. NRG|Supernoon Kid Buu, Cell, Vegeta