Results October 27th, 2019

First Attack 2019 Results and Standings Updated!

TENKAICHI: First Attack 2019

First Attack 2019, held in San Juan, Puerto Rico from October 26th through 27th, has concluded and EG|NYChrisG from the USA has taken 1st place! Supernoon took 2nd place and BC|Apologyman took 3rd place with both players also from the USA. Congratulations to EG|NYChrisG for his victory! Here are the top 8 results for First Attack 2019!

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TENKAICHI: First Attack 2019 Top 8 Results

Placement Player Characters Points
1st EG|NYChrisG Frieza, Goku (GT), Yamcha 200
2nd Supernoon Kid Buu, Bardock, Goku (GT) 150
3rd BC|Apologyman Piccolo, Gohan (Teen), Goku 100
4th PG|Nakkiel Kid Buu, Gohan (Adult), Goku (GT) 70
5th SubatomicSabers Vegito, Cell, Gotenks 45
5th BC|Tachikawa Gohan (Teen), Goku (GT), Yamcha 45
7th ECHO FOX|Dekillsage Gohan (Teen), Broly, Goku 25
7th RMZ Cell, Bardock, Goku (GT) 25

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