Results October 15th, 2019

Dragon Ball FighterZ at SEAM 2019 – Fenritti steals the spotlight

The 2019 Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour has seen a slew of nonstop action since the season began at CEO. From the sunny beaches of Daytona, Florida to France’s famed City of Lights, this year’s Tour has made multiple stops across the globe, with its latest Event throwing down in the tropical island of Singapore.

Southeast Asia Major marks the region’s premier fighting game tournament of the competitive season, drawing some of Asia’s finest talent to duke it out for the title of top champion. Dragon Ball FighterZ was included in the mix of titles ripe for the taking that weekend – as were some of its best players. Names like Shoji “Fenritti” Sho and Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue made waves from pools to the Top 8 bracket, continuing their legacies from both last season and this year’s runnings, while pro fighters like “Maddo” and multi-fighting game legend “BNBBN” also made major appearances in the fray.

From Tenkaichi to Saga

SEAM marks one of the final Tenkaichi Events ahead of the DBFZ World Tour Finals in France near the year’s end. Unlike Saga Events, Tenkaichi Events award the top 16 players a select amount of points based on their placements in tournament, with first place winners earning a whopping 200 points – and a potential shift in the leaderboards. Therefore, SEAM marked a massively important opportunity for players to make a name for themselves and earn a spot in the Finals: and with just three Events left in the season, time is quickly ticking down for these competitors.

CAG|Fenritti (Right) faces off against BC|Kazunoko (Left) in Winners Semi-Finals.

With 200 points on the line and a potential spot in the World Finals up for grabs, in comes as no surprise that SEAM’s Tenkaichi Event bore witness to intense competition – nor some of Japan’s top fighters, who made their way through Pools to Top 32 to find their way in the Top 8 bracket.

Xanxus, the Southeast Asia hometown hero

However, some of DBFZ’s biggest players were not in attendance for SEAM weekend, with EVO champ Goichi “Go1” Kishida and fighting game legend Dominique “Sonic Fox” McLean opting out of the competition. This meant that other names got the chance to shine at one of Asia’s biggest tournaments of the year – including a sole representative from the Philippines in an all-Japanese Top 8.

CAG|Go1 at Penang Esports Festival 2019

SEAM’s Top 8 bracket filled with Japanese fighting game legends, with the likes of “Matoi,” “B,” and “BNBBN” in the runnings – but the Southeast Asian community wasn’t left without a player, thanks to the Philippines’ Mico “Xanxus” Perez making his way to the final showdown in Winners’ side. As one of the year’s last remaining tournaments, Xanxus’ performance at SEAM put him on the map for many DBFZ fans – but not for the first time.

Xanxus made a similar splash at REV Major just a few weeks earlier, taking fifth place against
Maddo and Matoi in Manila’s top fighting game tournament of the year. Also in Winners’ side, Xanxus’ battles at REV Major set him up for yet another major performance at SEAM in October with his all-Vegeta team – but the power of “B” is not to be underestimated, whose use of Kid Buu, Gohan, and Bardock sent SEAM’s hometown hero to Losers’ side.

BNBBN breaks through!

Xanxus wasn’t the only player to make a surprising splash at SEAM, either: Japan’s Kei “BNBBN” Komada likewise turned heads in the fray. Known as a specialist in multiple fighting game titles, BNBBN has secured himself a ranking in the top ten of the World Tour’s global leaderboards, earning top placements at Tenkaichi Events throughout the season.

However, BNBBN had yet to score a spot in Grand Finals, with his highest placement being 5th at Manila’s REV Major – but he turned this trend on its head in the Losers’ Semi-Final at SEAM 2019, taking out 2018 DBFZ World Tour champion Kazunoko in a close 2-1 run with GT Goku.

This set up BNBBN to meet with “B” in the Losers’ Final, who’d lost to Fenritti after defeating Xanxus in Winners’ side. Having taken fifth place at EVO 2019, “B” is known throughout the DBFZ community as a notable killer – and his fight against BNBBN sent the crowd in a frenzy, with BNBBN making a major comeback in their first game after securing the Level 3.

Fenritti’s third Tenkaichi victory

With “B” out of the game, BNBBN made his way to Grand Finals against Fenritti, who, with two first place wins and two second place victories under his belt, stands at number two on the global leaderboards. Boasting the most points out of the bunch, Fenritti’s “gatekeeping” stood to prevent other competitors from taking SEAM’s first place prize – and, as one of the Tour’s top players, ended up doing just that.

Fenritti defeated BNBBN in a convincing 3-0 run without a bracket reset, solidifying his place as the Tour’s top player while Go1 currently sits on the sidelines. With 1,200 points, Fenritti still comes in second to Go1’s steamroll of a season – but with Go1 himself sitting out the last few tournaments, only time will tell how their eventual battle at the Finals will play out.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour continues on October 26 at Puerto Rico’s First Attack, bringing the action to the Caribbean as the final Tenkaichi Event of the season. With Fenritti having secured 200 more points and BNBBN standing in 10th place, players are jockeying for position in wake of Go1’s absence – and with three Events left, there’s no telling who will pick up the slack in the interim.