Results October 2nd, 2019

DBFZ at Rev Major: The rise of Fenritti

The 2019 Dragon Ball World Tour kicked off with a bang on the sunny beaches of Daytona, Florida at CEO, going on to throw down at the illustrious Evolution Championship Series and even the lush Emerald Isle for Celtic Throwdown – and now, the Tour has made its 7th Tenkaichi stop in Southeast Asia, at the capital of the Philippines.

REV Major stands as Manila’s premier fighting game tournament, featuring a slew of top titles in the genre and competition from across the globe. Dragon Ball FighterZ is one such game, and with a potential 200 points on the line for the first place winner, Tour competitors weren’t about to sit this one out – especially after the stellar performances seen from Western players at Mexico’s Thunderstruck just two weeks earlier.

Go1’s godlike season

It’s no secret that the 2019 DBFZ World Tour has been dominated by fighting game pro Goichi “Go1” Kishida, who has taken a majority of its Tenkaichi Events and even the first Saga Event at Las Vegas’s EVO. With a whopping 1,350 points, he currently stands at the top of the Tour’s leaderboards: but he isn’t without challengers.

This year’s Tour saw incredible competition between Go1 and Shoji “Fenritti” Sho, who went head to head at CEO in a nail-biting Grand Finals set. With Fenritti having secured second place at last year’s DBFZ World Tour Finals, this marked a momentous occasion for the pro to get a leg up on the competition: but Go1 ultimately prevailed, going on to make an appearance at the UK’s VSFighting.

Go1 vs Fenritti – a Super Saiyan rivalry

This led to yet another meeting between the two fighting game giants, with both fighters making a stand in Grand Finals in what may have very well been an episode of Deja Vu. However, unlike CEO, Fenritti managed to reset the bracket in a clean 3-0 run: but Go1’s dominant roll had already begun, sealing the deal 3-1 after his opponent’s reset.

While Go1 would go on to take five other Events on the Tour, Fenritti isn’t one to be outdone. The pro, known for dominating in multiple fighting game titles, later took Melbourne’s Esports Open the same weekend as Celtic Throwdown, earning 200 points and a championship to his name in wake of Go1’s steamroll season.

Smells like Teen Spirit!

Fast-forward to late September, and the World Tour is well underway, seeing a wealth of top-notch performances from the likes of New York’s “Dekillsage,” France’s 18-year old “Wawa,” and even nine-year-old “Tsuyoshi” – but Tsuyoshi isn’t the only youngster making waves this season, with a 15-year-old competitor stepping up to the stage at Manila’s REV Major months later. In a stunning turn of events, teenage talent “Tako” made it all the way to Top 8 in Winners’ side, using his killer team of Bardock, GT Goku, and Adult Gohan to take out “Matoi” 2-0 in a serious show of strength that left the commentators’ jaws on the floor.

Teen Spirit… Bomb, that is.

Alongside the likes of Wawa and Tsuyoshi, Tako proves that age is no barrier to fighting game skill – but his breakout performance wasn’t the only notable moment from REV Major’s Top 8, with Tachikawa’s battle against Matoi in the Losers’ Semi-Final sending fans to the edges of their seats.

The two faced off for their first game against each other in what would determine a seat in the Losers’ Final, with both players providing a fairly even match down to their last character – until Tachikawa dropped GT Goku’s Spirit Bomb at a crucial moment, allowing Matoi to punish his mistake and finish him off. However, Matoi dropped this punish, with fans sure that Tachikawa would finish the job – but Matoi managed to get in a combo once more, taking the game in a mind-blowing development that sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Fenritti takes another Tenkaichi Event

While Tako had managed to fight his way to Winners’ Top 8, the youngster was pitted against Fenritti for his first match in the Semi-Final – a battle that Fenritti took with some struggle, defeating the 15-year-old wonder 2-1 to move on to the Winners’ Final. There, Fenritti faced off against “Maddo,” who he threw down with at Melbourne’s Esports Open’s Grand Final just one month prior.

This time, it was a clean sweep for Fenritti – or, so he thought, taking out Maddo 3-0 to move on to the Grand Final. However, Melbourne wasn’t the last place the two would meet in Grand Finals, with Maddo defeating Matoi in the Losers’ Final for a dramatic runback against his former opponent.

Fenritti continued with his dominating roll, taking two games from Maddo before what may have been their final showdown. With both fighters down to their last remaining character, it seemed like Maddo could take another game and turn the tides of battle for a potential bracket reset. His Kid Buu started the round strong with a solid combo, but dropped it midway, allowing Fenritti’s Vegeta to seal the deal with Final Flash – taking the REV Major championship and 200 points.

Next time, on Dragon Ball FighterZ…

Fenritti’s hype-inducing win changed up the DBFZ leaderboards, sending him to second place with 1,000 points in wake of SonicFox’s second place wins at EVO and Celtic Throwdown. Thus, the rivalry between Fenritti and Go1 has been inflamed, once more: and with the recent release of Gogeta, it looks like things are continuing to heat up in the 2019 season as the World Tour gears up for Paris, France’s Ultimate Fighting Arena next weekend.