About the tour

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour is a global tournament series for the smash-hit fighting game by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Catch all the action live on Twitch, as players vie for the seven Dragon Balls and a spot at the Finals. With over a dozen offline and online events across the world, the ultimate fighter could be you!

Tour Format

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour is a global tournament series that runs for 8 months from June 2018 to January 2019. Players from around the world will compete throughout the year to decide a Grand Champion at the Finals.

Featuring an innovative tour structure, players will compete for the 7 Dragon Balls at designated Saga Events worldwide. The more Dragon Balls a player possess, the higher seed they will be granted at the Finals of the tour. The Finals will feature a Last Chance Qualifier system that leads into an 8-man double elimination bracket.

However, should a single player win all 7 Saga Events and obtain all 7 Dragon Balls, the format of the Finals will fundamentally change. The player possessing all 7 Dragon Balls will obtain a bye to Grand Finals, guaranteeing at minimum 2nd place.

In this scenario, the Finals Last Chance Qualifier becomes a open bracket event to determine who has the right to challenge the 7 Dragon Balls holder in a first-to-ten set for the title of Grand Champion.

Tour Structure

The tour is divided into several types of events as follows:

Saga Events

Compete against the strongest players from around the world at Saga Events, for a chance at winning a spot at the Finals, as well as a coveted Dragon Ball!

First time Saga Event winners will obtain a Dragon Ball and a secure their ticket to the Finals.

Repeat Saga Event winners will obtain a Dragon Ball, and the next eligible non-qualified player will receive a ticket to the Finals Last Chance Qualifier.

Dragon Radar Events

Develop your strategies and hone your skills at Dragon Radar Events. The winner of Dragon Radar Events gets a ticket to a future Saga Event of their choosing, or the the Finals Last Chance Qualifier!

Finals Event – The World Tournament

A 2 day event extravaganza that features the best Dragon Ball FighterZ players from the tournament season, battling for possession of the seven Dragon Balls and the title of Grand Champion.

The number Last Chance Qualifiers slots will dynamically change depending on the number of Dragon Ball holders. Win a Last Chance Qualifier to gain entry to the 8-man double elimination bracket.

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